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At what age does a dog reach it`s maximum adult height?

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Question by Samuel Lann: At what age does a dog reach it`s maximum adult height?
At what age does a small breed dog (toy poodle, chihuahua, jack russel etc) reach it`s maximum adult height and stop growing taller? I realize that they will continue to fill out, but when does height increase stop?

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Answer by Aduial
There is no hard and fast rule when dogs stop growing. Smaller breeds reach maturity faster than large breeds. I wouldn’t expect a small breed to grow much more after a year.

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Grow Taller 4 Idiots

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  1. Finnish Lapphund says:

    The Swedish Kennelklubben (SKK) recognises four Poodle sizes, Poodle :

    Standard is over 45 up to 60 cm.
    Medium is over 35 up to 45 cm.
    Dwarf is over 28 up to 35 cm.
    Toy is over 24 up to 28 cm.

    According to SKK dog show rules, at the first show after that a Medium, Dwarf or Toy Poodle have reached 15 months of age, the dog should be measured before the Poodle ring starts. The result is considered a final measurement, the dog will get the letter M (M = final Measurement) in the dog register and will thereafter, only be allowed to compete in Poodle size that he/she belongs to.

    *If the dog owner disagrees with the judge’s final measurement result, they can send a request for re-measurement to the organizing club. At the next show opportunity, re-measurement should be performed by two judges specialised on the breed.
    Re-measurement can be made only once and can not be appealed.

    By a quick look in SKK rules regarding showing, I’ve found three other breeds that also needs/gets a final measurement, all three have the same age limit as Poodles, at the first show after that the dog have reached 15 months of age, they’re considered to have reached their adult height, size and a final measurement will be registered.

    (The other three breeds are, Dachshund :

    Standard circumference of chest 35 cm.
    Miniature circumference of chest from 30 to 35 cm.
    Rabbit Dachshund circumference of chest up to 30 cm.

    Mexican Hairless Dog :

    Standard over 45 to 55 cm., up to 60 cm. permissible for an otherwise excellent dog.
    Intermediate over 35 up to 45 cm.
    Miniature from 25 up to 35 cm.

    Perro sin pelo del perú :

    Grande/Large over 50 up to 65 cm.
    Médio/Medium over 40 up to 50 cm.
    Pequeno/Miniature from 25 up to 40 cm. )


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